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Whatsapp Review

The Plus In Whatsapp Plus And YOWhatsapp

WhatsApp was launched in the year 2009, and now it is the most popular messaging app. Currently, it has over 1.6 billion active users from all over the world. WhatsApp improved a lot since Facebook acquired it. And that’s even though many applications with more complete and much demanded features, have tried to overthrow WhatsApp. However, users are always demanding more. Users like more control over the app, such as changing the whole theme of the app, changing the font, changing the font color. Modified versions of WhatsApp are available, which are also known as WhatsApp MODs. Use WhatsApp MODs if you want more advanced and complete functions while continuing using WhatsApp. There are many modified versions of WhatsApp, but some of them outperform others. It provides many additional features demanded by users on the top of the original WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is among the most popular modified versions of WhatsApp available in the market. Having complete control over an app is always favored by users. WhatsApp Plus exactly does that. It gives access to all the controls in the app, such as blue ticks, typing notification, etc.

WhatsApp Plus is very rich in themes, coming preinstalled with over 700 themes that can be sorted depending on level (by name, version, date, or downloads). Changing in the chat screen is not allowed in WhatsApp by Facebook, but WhatsApp Plus even lets the users change the text color or the color of the bar.

Using two phone numbers

Amongst its additional features, we have to point out the possibility to use two phone numbers on the same Android smartphone. Forget about carrying two phones only to operate two WhatsApps. Now use two phone numbers on a single app. This feature is helpful for many users as they do not have to carry two phones.

Editing and sharing Files

While WhatsApp by Facebook doesn’t permit to send large files, WhatsApp Plus allows users to send a file from 2MB to 50MB, and to keep up the picture quality of your photographs or videos. There are some additional features that you can use to make changes to the setting of the file. You can change the size of pictures, colors, or a contact picture. You can disable voice notes and animation. WhatsApp by Facebook permits you to send documents under 20MB only.


The user wants the apps to be customized according to their needs. WhatsApp Plus allows users to make changes in the appearance of the app. WhatsApp plus lets you change the colors

and size of widgets, users can edit app icon, users can also edit pop-up notifications according to their own taste, adjust the size or change the look of pop-up notification.

New emojis

If WhatsApp by Facebook doesn’t have your favorite emojis, another component of WhatsApp Plus is the expansion of new emojis. But shockingly, these emojis can only be seen by other users of the app. Just in case if you send an unofficial emoji to somebody who uses WhatsApp by Facebook, they won’t be able to see it.


YOWhatsApp is also a modified version of WhatsApp By Facebook that came with additional features on the top of WhatsApp. As a MOD of the original app, it introduces different features. It modifies aspects such as the interface, max size of the file, and allowed formats of files. YOWhatsApp is safe to use because it doesn’t collect any users’ data, so no privacy leaks are going to happen. YOWhatsApp also has no in-app ads so that users can enjoy it without interruption.

Whatsapp Plus

Privacy Setting

One of the reasons that users download YOWhatsApp is for the user privacy settings that are absent in Whatsapp.
YoWhatsApp permits you to see others last seen considerably in the wake of killing yours. You can turn off blue ticks; however, you can see their blue ticks when they get and see your messages. Additionally, you can freeze your last seen, so it would appear as though you haven’t been online from a specific time.

You can even turn on anti delete to save the messages from the sender, significantly after they erase the message from their side. It additionally has an additional element, wherein you can choose to direct who can call you using WhatsApp. You can likewise hide the typing notification that appears while typing. YOWhatsApp can also be protected by password to get individuals far from snooping on your telephone.

The website of Whatsapp Plus

Generally speaking, the highlights right now are excessively adaptable, and that is the motivation behind why numerous users use this YOWhatsApp.


Themes of your choice can be set. Such as, if you want to save the battery, there is a dark mode theme of your choice to prevent your phone from losing the battery quickly. The app allows customization of:

  • Background
  • Status Bar
  • Navigation Bar
  • Universal action bar
  • Universal color
  • UI/UX
  • Notification Icon
  • App icon
  • Font.

It has a theme store that allows customization of anything on the app easily without any trouble. You have to select a theme that you like and then just hit apply. The best part, it’s bug-free and won’t affect your usage of WhatsApp. You can move from the original application to YOWhatsApp by just backing your chats to google drive and then installing it. You don’t miss any chats after switching over. All your media and chats will show here.For Media and download management is only perfect for this application. Pictures don’t lose original quality as the max limit has been increased to 18MB, so you can send your high-resolution photo with no issues. Video size sent can be more than 1GB, so users with high-resolution videos can utilize it to send.YoWhatsapp has a variety of emojis that are not present in the WhatsApp emoji board. More emojis means you can express more.